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Download Gbas Gbos 🤣🤣🤣 – TAAOOMA

Download latest Comedy release by Taaooma named “Gbas Gbos” which the comedy was a hit back to back, the comedy was very interesting you will ginger to watch more Taaooma Comedy. In “Gbas Gbos” Taaooma was telling his mother to have Common sense where she was telling her history about common sense, watch and download the interesting comedy from Taaooma. ...

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TAAOOMA – I should Never listen to people Again. Nigeria Top Comedian Taaooma Just release another hit Comedy watch and Enjoy. I should Never listen to people Again especially Bro Tayo because that brother is a scam himself. Please don’t forget to subscribe to her channel. Thank you.

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Lawyer Kunle released another hit comedy “Respect Women” Where Lawyer Kunle is Saying “IF NOT BECAUSE OF MY GRANDMA THAT SWALLOW BLADE. 😏”He would have not spend the money. Lawyer Kunle Comedy “Respect Women” was a hit back to back where he ft. Mrmacaroni. Lawyer kunle WON this time around as mr macaroni got disappointed after the Lady he sent ...

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Lawyer Kunle

Lawyer Kunle (Thecute Abiola) had started another hit Comedy Kabi Episode 1 (Freezer) that was very interesting and you will really enjoy it. The long awaited KABI series is here. Watch and enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe. We will be dropping this Episode Every sunday by God’s grace 🙏 Watch below:

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African Children – Thecuteabiola (Lawyer Kunle)

Top Nigerian Comedian Lawyer Kunle just released another hit Comedy named “African Children” In “African Children” Lawyer Kunle was seriously embarrassed because of the what he had do to the girl just because he was feeling hungry and the girl was crying that she is not going to eat the food. Lawyer Kunle in another embarrassment saga. Watch and download ...

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Taaooma and MrMacaroni Latest Comedy.

Nigeria Comedians in the entertainment industry, Mrmacaroni and Taaooma Released another latest Comedy with hot tips. The Latest Comedy is all about Mrmarcaroni meeting Taaooma along the road where he insisted to transfer Ten Million Naira to her account and Taaooma should not called him Daddy Again. Continue watching the Video to know what happens to Taaooma and Mrmacaroni. Watch ...

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[Comedy] Mr. Macaroni – My Ancestor in-law

Latest Nigerian Comedian Debo Mr. Macaroni (ooiin) just released another hit comedy named “My Ancestors In-law“. Mr. Macaroni was eagerly waiting for her daughter to bring her husband to meet him since. She later bring her Husband to meet her Father, Mr. Macaroni watch the comedy below to know who is the husband of her Daughter.

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Nigerian Comedian Taaooma release latest comedy and called it “The Side Chick.” In these Comedy he want to have fun with a fine lady on his matrimonial Bed where the Lady started behaving somehow and start saying she want to suck blood unless he gave her money, Download and Watch to know what happen in the comedy “The Side Chick”

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