Opinion panel on Barcelona Vs Bayern: Lewandowski better than Messi?

Opinion panel on Barcelona Vs Bayern: Lewandowski better than Messi? “Lese majesty”

Opinion panel on Barcelona Vs Bayern: Lewandowski better than Messi? "Lese majesty"

Before the giant duel in the quarter-finals of the Champions League between Barcelona Vs Bayern, the football world is discussing the distribution of the favorite role. There is also disagreement in the sport.de editorial team about the outcome of the knockout game in Lisbon. We discuss three steep theses about Barcelona FC Vs Bayern.

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Thesis 1: FC Bayern is the clear favorite against FC Barcelona
Chris Rohdenburg: Definitely! As well as things are currently going at FC Bayern, things are just as uneven at FC Barcelona. Only Lionel Messi stands out – unsurprisingly – from the not very homogeneous mass, which is still alienating with coach Quique Setién, and makes the difference. The people of Munich, on the other hand, are a well-coordinated team in the truest sense of the word, full of emotion, fighting spirit, passion and an eye for the man next to them, who of course are favorites.

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Heiko Lütkehus: Probably not. Bayern lack competition practice as well as home advantage when the first or second leg takes place in the Allianz Arena. Hansi Flick’s squad seems more harmonious and hungrier than the aging Barca ensemble. In all-or-nothing games, the Catalans have (too) often silenced their critics.

Christian Schenzel: Only until kick-off. If Bayern fall behind, I see black for Munich. This team no longer knows the feeling of having to chase after and turn a game. The same applies, of course, to Barcelona, for whom the pressure would also increase immeasurably after a 0: 1. I’m sure the first goal will decide the game. There is no clear favorite.

Tobias Knoop: I find it strange that all the experts see FC Bayern so clearly as a favorite. If Lionel Messi and “Goalkeeper Messi” Marc-André ter Stegen (once again) have an outstanding day, it will be very difficult for the German record champions.

Marc Affeldt : What FC Bayern has been playing for months is simply impressive. The fact that Munich was the first team in history to win their ten Champions League games in 2019/20 is historic. That they unceremoniously fiddled Chelsea FC 7: 1 from the green in the round of 16 with – added back and forth – worthy of all honor. Barca still meet Flick and Co. at eye level. Do you need arguments for this thesis? Well! Piqué, Suárez, ter Stegen, Messi and a crazy strong first half against Napoli should be enough.

Barcelona Vs Bayern Thesis 2: Robert Lewandowski is better than Lionel Messi
Heiko Lütkehus: Currently, yes. It is of course not easy to compare these two world-class players. Messi has also done well again despite the disappointing season at FC Barcelona. Even at the age of 33, he does not seem tired. But Messi was less consistent overall than Lewandowski, who is currently probably the best attacker in the world. In addition, the Pole is easier to care for than Messi, who certainly doesn’t help the team with his recurring expressions of displeasure after setbacks.

Tobias Knoop: Sorry, but for me this thesis borders almost on lese majesty. Lewandowski may be the best center forward in the world, but Messi is much more than that. On good days (of which there are still a lot at “La Pulga”) he still plays like someone from another planet. Lewandowski, on the other hand, seems very earthly.

Chris Rohdenburg: Nobody is better than Lionel Messi! But we experience the strongest and most stable Robert Lewandowski of all time. 53 goals in 43 competitive games are an unparalleled exclamation mark! He has impressively refuted the myth that he could not score in important games, not least with a fabulous three goals and four assists in the two games against Chelsea.

Marc Affeldt : At the age of 31, Lewandowski is now perfectly trained, his life has always been fully focused on professional football. There is also no question that no one can fool the Poles in front of the box. Messi still embodies a touch more. What he can do on the ball is still unique. Ultimately, football aesthetics top the efficient model professional.

Christian Schenzel: It never was, it isn’t and it never will. Point! Perhaps Lewandowski is in better shape than Messi at the moment (although that still has to be proven in a direct duel), but that doesn’t make him a better footballer.

Barcelona Vs Bayern Thesis 3: The winner of the duel FC Bayern vs. FC Barcelona also wins the Champions League
Chris Rohdenburg: There is no way around Pep! The star coach still has something to make up for with Manchester City after missing the championship. And that Guardiola’s team can do it was not only shown with an impressive 102 goals in England. Anyone who beats Real Madrid twice can no longer stop them on their way to CL triumph.

Heiko Lütkehus: I’m with my colleague Chris. Bayern have good chances, but so do PSG and especially Manchester City. Opponents at this level will also make Munich sweat. My gut feeling tells me: Bayern fail in the semi-finals!

Marc Affeldt : Of course, the winner of the duel FC Bayern vs. FC Barcelona the handle pot – unless it fails in the semi-finals at Manchester City.

Tobias Knoop: Yes, that’s how it will turn out. Because Bayern beats Barca and ends up getting the pot. The people of Munich are currently in such good shape and that’s why it’s back to it.

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Christian Schenzel: I have to disagree. Apart from the fact that anything can happen at any time in a single game at this level: What would be better for this season than a winner that nobody expected before Corona ?! Why not Leipzig or Lyon? Why not Atlético? In the end there will be a big surprise.

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