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Kai Havertz and his dream club Chelsea: does that fit?

Kai Havertz and his dream club Chelsea: does that fit?
Kai Havertz

Chelsea FC hopes to sign German international Kai Havertz. At least that is what unanimously renowned media companies from various countries report. The man from Leverkusen is said to have decided to leave Bayer 04 for London promptly. But would the 21-year-old even match the blues?
Red, white or blue?

Red, white or blue?

For a long time, the look into the future of football player Kai Havertz was a colorful play of colors.

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Red, that stood for Manchester United, FC Bayern, Liverpool or staying with his home club Bayer Leverkusen. All these clubs had obviously thrown their hats in the ring in the meantime, but had now taken it back.

Knows how Real Madrid was for a long time Havertz’s preferred personal goal. However, the royalists do not seem to want to fully reflect the interest. In any case, the Spaniards are said to have been deterred by the high transfer fee – which the international will cost.

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So remains blue. And in this color – it seems to be relaxing now – Havertz could be seen more often in the near future. As reported by “ESPN” among others, the “Blues” from Chelsea FC are in pole position for the services of the young star.

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Lampard builds a new offensive – with Havertz?

The 2012 Champions League winner wants to write a new success story after somewhat unsuccessful past years. To do this, a lot of money is taken in hand. The transfer ban last summer apparently caused the savings account to swell.

Some new stars are already fixed, including Timo Werner from RB Leipzig and Hakim Ziyech from Ajax Amsterdam. Both are not exactly cheap – each around 50 million euros.

In Havertz, coach and club legend Frank Lampard now wants to get the new heart of his offensive – which is completed by fast outside players such as Christian Pulisic and Mason Mount. The player can imagine that very well, it is reported.

“A good, young team is being built there, which is very promising,” ex-blues midfielder Michael Ballack emphasized recently at “Sky”.

Negotiations with Leverkusen are already underway. Chelsea speculates on a transfer fee of around 75 million euros, Bayer wants more. At the end of the day, you should still be able to agree on a few things.

The price often also determines the installation

But does that fit at all?

Young, dynamic, fast and dangerous. Lampard quickly builds one of the most exciting teams in Europe. The best young German player would certainly fit into this team.

“Kai Havertz is an exceptional player. due to his skills, he would sooner or later find his way into the starting line-up,” said Eurosport’s Premier League expert Marcus Foley . And albeit the competition were tough, there remains a weighty argument.

It would be difficult to sell anything else to the fans at Stamford Bridge.

Havertz as a fixed point in Lampard’s dream offensive

The question of position remains, because Leverkusen – and that is one of its great strengths – is extremely versatile. In the past you would have said: He plays (well) where the coach puts him. As “false nine”, hanging tip, eight or – with drawbacks – on one of the outer positions.

But the best thing is that he is a free, central man in the middle. Wherever he can move freely.

Lampard has exactly this in mind. Havertz as a free spirit, surrounded by lightning-fast outside like Pulisic, Mount or Hudson-Odoi. In the front a real snapshot in Werner or Tammy Abraham. In addition to the German, a combination player like Ziyech.

That should fit perfectly. Havertz could become the missing piece of the puzzle for the new Chelsea.


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