COVID-19 test units in Nigeria – Laboratory Council

No other body can approve COVID-19 test units in Nigeria – Laboratory Council

No other body can approve COVID-19 test units in Nigeria – Laboratory Council

The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria has demanded that the guideline of clinical research center practice, approval of analytic test units, synthetic substances and reagents remain its sole legal order.

The chamber’s announcement was because of an ongoing paper advertorial by the College of Nigerian Pathologists on the advancement report on pre-showcase approval of COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits and Unveiling of Guidelines for Private Medical Laboratories trying to give COVID-19 testing through a totally private game plan.

In a discharge marked by the enlistment center/CEO of the chamber, Dr. Tosan Erhabor, the MLSCN communicated frustration over “the lie, misdirecting realities and dishonesty displayed in the said distribution.”

“This puts forth a joke of the current collective attempts of the PTF, NCDC, FMoH, MLSCN and other pertinent wellbeing laborers/organizations who have placed their lives in danger in the battle against the scourging impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria,” he said.

The recorder further featured that the legal command of MLSCN is gotten from Section 4 of the MLSCN Act (CAP M25 LFN), enables the committee to direct the act of Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria; assessment and accreditation of clinical labs among different capacities.

“The distribution expressed that approval of packs can be done by research centers that have a legitimate structure, are authorized by the legislature and certify.

“The inquiry that asks to be addressed is — how does the legislature play out its tasks if not through its legal organizations burdened with such duty? Furthermore, which legal office in Nigeria has such order?” he questioned.

As per him, the legal order of MLSCN to lead approval of test packs was gotten from Section 4(e) of the MLSCN Act which states – “control the creation, importation, deals and loading of symptomatic lab reagents and synthetics.”

Erhabor noticed that the committee has two research centers through which it releases its obligation, to be specific National External Quality Assurance Laboratory arranged in Zaria, Kaduna State and the In – Vitro Diagnostics Laboratory arranged in Yaba, Lagos.

He focused on that NEQAL has been approving all the HIV/AIDS test units right now being utilized in Nigeria while the chamber’s IVD Laboratory in Lagos, then again, isn’t viewed as a routine analytic clinical research facility.

“In this way it isn’t directed nor authorize by MLSCN as inferred by CNP when it said – ‘we are amazed that an office set up as a controller would proceed to set up a lab for the execution of the capacity it is intended to manage.’

“The IVD Laboratory is somewhat a testing research center. The global standard for the IVD research facility is ISO/I EC 17025 while the universal standard for a symptomatic clinical lab is ISO 15189,” he said.

The recorder commented that the MLSCN maintains its rules for Private Medical Laboratories trying to give COVID – 19 testing as it is a result of the community oriented endeavors with other significant partners in the forefront of the war against the current pandemic.

“As we as a whole know over the world, COVID – 19 is ignorant concerning legislative issues and has no space for proficient rivalries. The controlling belief in this is making sure about the lives of our kin from this pandemic,” he said

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