Nasarawa Governor - I couldn't care less about second term

Nasarawa Governor – I couldn’t care less about second term

I couldn't care less about second term, says Nasarawa Governor
Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule

Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule, has said that he isn’t made a big deal about being reappointed in 2023.

In a talk with columnists in Lafia, the state capital, to check his first commemoration in office, the representative said he was appreciative to God for giving him a four-year order; a period he esteems long enough for him to contribute his standard to the advancement of the state.

The representative, who was reacting to an inquiry on the theory around the express that the individuals probably won’t be prepared to reappoint him in 2023, said he was prepared to come back to the US or Saudi Arabia to make an amazing most after his four-year order.

As indicated by him, “one thing I have never been compromised about in life is my second term as senator. Try to keep your hat on, in 1998, while working in the US, I believed I was exhausted. I took my initial retirement bundle from an oil organization, I proceeded to set up our little organization and we were maintaining our business.

“I felt that was it. I never realized I was going to come back to Nigeria in general, not to discuss coming to Nigeria to set up an organization and become MD African Petroleum and later become GMD in Dangote organization.

“That was in any event, when I began getting a charge out of life; not today.

“So I experienced all these as extra to me throughout everyday life; things I never thought would occur, but since God has favored me that it will occur and it really occurred.

“At that point out of the blues, from no place, I’m currently a representative, and someone is stating one term, and afterward I will cry, rest and pass on? To damnation with him!

“One term, indeed, it’s fine. That is what I look like at it. One term is adequate.


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