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Trump Obese But Healthy, His Doctor Says

Trump Obese But Healthy, His Doctor Says
Trump Obese But Healthy, His Doctor Says

June 4, 2020 – Despite being fat, President Donald Trump is healthy, White House doctor Sean Conley said Wednesday, Bloomberg News detailed.

“In view of my history, assessment and counsels, the information demonstrates the president stays solid,” Conley said in a reminder discharged to correspondents.

As indicated by Conley, Trump weighs 244 pounds. At 6 feet, three inches tall that puts him over the limit for corpulence set by the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, Bloomberg noted.

Conley likewise affirmed that Trump took a fourteen day course of the large medication hydroxychloroquine, which the President has since quite a while ago touted as a potential methods for warding off COVID-19.

Trump took zinc and nutrient D supplements alongside the medication, Conley said.

Notwithstanding, a randomized clinical preliminary distributed Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine found that hydroxychloroquine had no impact in forestalling coronavirus contamination or COVID-19.

Earlier preliminaries of the medication as a COVID-19 treatment discovered it was connected to a higher danger of conceivably perilous heart issues.


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